Your Vision Care

We are here as part of your vision care team to ensure we do everything possible to help you maintain your precious gift of sight. Yearly eye exams are just the beginning. We help you see well all year round.

We provide vision care for the entire family – from infants to the elderly. Whether you need contact lenses, glasses, sunwear, “pre-“ or “post-op” care, or a referral for LASIK or other eye-related surgery, we can help. Dr. Kunzman also diagnose and treat eye diseases. In addition, they can talk with you about prevention when you have a family history of eye disease.

In addition, we also provide specialized services to help with a variety of vision problems that are not correctable with glasses, contacts or surgery; for example:

  • eye coordination and eye movement problems resulting from head injuries such as concussions
  • developmental vision problems that interfere with reading and learning
  • eye coordination and eye movement problems which interfere with sports performance

Yearly eye exams are vital for school-age children as well as adults. Unless your eye doctor has instructed you otherwise, be sure you and all your family members have yearly eye exams.

If you have any changes in your vision or your child has any changes in behavior, please call our office right away. Children don’t know how they are supposed to see so they rarely complain. The way they tell us they have a vision problem is through their behavior. If you have children, be sure to review our symptom checklist. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are here for you!