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Jamie Klaassen

Vision Therapy Assistant

Job description: I am currently learning a variety of roles/positions. My main focus right now is working the Sensory Learning Rehabilitation Program.

How long have you worked at Sibley Eye Care: I have been with Sibley Eye Care for one month and excited to continue working here!

What in your previous roles or experiences with previous employers help add to your current job position here at Sibley Eye Care: I worked as an x-ray tech and I worked with all different types of patients.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work: I enjoy playing with my kids, working in my garden and doing things on the farm such as hog chores.

Family & friends: Clint Klaassen is my husband and we have been married for almost three years, together for 7. We have two kids, Haley is almost two and Colt is almost three months!


Hello! Just an update: Our door will be locked, by appointment only (please call even if it is for an adjustment of your glasses), and a mask must be worn in our office.

If you have been with someone who has COVID-19 or has symptoms please call and reschedule your appointment.