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Denise Blankers

Denise B crop
Scribe/Professional Assistant

Job description: I am a scribe and a professional assistant to Dr. Jill in the exam room. This includes patient documentation during exam and preliminary review with the patient.

How long have you worked at Sibley Eye Care: 1.5 years

What in your previous roles or experiences with previous employers help add to your current job position here at Sibley Eye Care: I worked for a few other doctors and gained a well-rounded experience in the optometric field. I also worked at Lewis Family Drug as a certified Pharmacy Technician. Both of my previous rolls were people orientated and I enjoy working with the patients.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work: I enjoy spending time with my family and working outside in my garden.

Family & friends: I have a husband, Galen; three grown children, three grandchildren and one grand puppy.